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About Our Firm

Over the years, we have developed a rich network of global business partners. We make early and transformational investments in companies that have the potential to do great things. Our team is made up of seasoned investors and supported by several advisors, who are looking to partner with hard-working, visionary entrepreneurs.

Investment Focus

 ~ The Virtuous Cycle ~

Kawn Ventures focuses on investing in technology enabled startups, with a promise of exponential growth and positive social impact. We primarily invest in pre-seed and seed rounds, and entertain Series A and Series B rounds on occasion. While we only invest in a handful of companies a year, it means we can focus solely on those who we believe really have the founders, team, drive and product to succeed and create a positive impact on society.


Global Network

Through our global network, we have access to potential co-investors, who often decide to invest alongside Kawn Ventures.

We also have a team of well versed and experienced advisors across several industries and disciplines, based in Amman (Jordan), Dubai (UAE), London (UK), New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco (US).

Advisory Roles

In areas where we have deep knowledge and unique expertise, and when it makes sense, we avail certain members of our team as advisors to the companies we invest in.

These individuals take a more active and hands on role with the company to guide and direct the founders and their respective teams.

Founder & Managing Partner

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